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“Yamiley’s Writing Legally Defensible IEPs PD tackled the complex federal laws surrounding IEPs in such a way that  all teachers in the room could apply her training when writing strong IEPS.  Her ability to take a complex subject like special education law and present it in a way that both seasoned teachers and novices could understand was exceptional. I reference her presentation often as I coach special education teachers in my district.”

Cliff Bailey

“Yamiley is very knowledgeable about laws and regulations that guide our student's education. She puts doing what is best for kids at the forefront of her work, and is a huge asset and resource for professional development.”

Leah Stafford

“Yamiley’s  Professional Developments are mind changing! They are full of knowledge, law and advocacy oriented, and most of all they are inclusive. Her passion for law, rights, and equality and equity are projected in her presentations.”

Melissa Juarez

“I was impressed with Yamiley, she was insightful and concise.
Well worth the time we spent.” 


“Very informative, great ideas to use immediately in our classroom!!! Parallel teaching and Alternative Teaching strategies will be first on my list to try!”


“A.J. was very informative with all forms of digital learning. Gave a plethora of tools, games, websites that can help teachers worldwide. He needs to lead more seminars in the future! Teachers need to know what he knows!”

Jake B.
Technology Educator

“Not only is Yamiley a wealth of SPED and IEP knowledge, but all of her content is culturally responsive. She fine tunes her presentations to fit your school or district needs. She is direct and professional. She practices to the highest standard, what she preaches. Her passion for equity for all kids is transparent in her delivery.”

Carlotta Holder

"Energy is high. Information was clearly developed and presented."


"Yamiley, thank you for sharing your knowledge base and giving me a head start in my new position."

Instructional coach

“With over six years of administrative experience, Yamiley’s years of combined expertise in leading pedagogy, frameworks and evidence-based practices that cultivate district and school improvement has made her an expert in school reform. Yamiley provides unique workshops that are specific to the needs of the target audience.”


"It is evident Yamiley has a deep passion for co-teaching! It shows throughout the presentation!"

Assistant Principal

“A.J. was incredibly personable, but incredibly knowledgeable! He interacted with the group and explained things in a way that made it easy to understand how to use CHAMPS in my classroom.”

Diamond Hoy

“I am thankful for ALL of your knowledge and presentation skills to present Co-teaching. you made it easy to follow and understand as we begin this endeavor to implement co-teaching in our district.”

Director of curriculum and instruction

"Yamiley has a wealth of knowledge for both content and trainer moves...she was able to connect with the virtual audience and keep us engaged."

Director of pipo; personnel services

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