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"Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up in them. Who understands the power of connections and insists they become the best they can possibly be."
Yamiley Jean-Simon

Yamiley Jean-Simon started her education journey in criminal law and public policy earning master's degrees and working with juveniles. However, she followed a persistent calling to work in education and went on to achieving Teacher of the Year, and 2 additional masters earning an Education Specialist degree.

As a former special education teacher, Yamiley is experienced the multi-layered process of creating Individual Educational Plans (I.E.P.). She has attended I.E.P. meetings for students in her own classrooms and helped integrate the students into her everyday lessons. After leaving the classroom, Yamiley gathered her experience into a new role as a Special Education Director.

As a Director, she counseled teachers and administrators on how to write IEPs that are well tailored for student growth and support in addition to providing professional development to schools and districts. In this role, she won high praise from teachers and administrators alike. Her experience with advocacy has served her well as a parent advocate.

Yamiley’s professional training is supplemented by personal experience. She’s fought for the special educational needs of children of family members. She’s learned first-hand how it feels to sit on the parent’s side of the table at the special education meetings and how to usher children through the educational process.

Yamiley helps parents negotiate the often-complicated process that can bring special education assistance to students. She helps insure that parents are fully informed about their legal rights and options throughout the special education process. She insists that parents’ concerns are heard and their needs satisfied.

Since Yamiley has started working as a special education advocate, she has found great success due to her dedication to make sure children obtain the appropriate services to meet their educational needs and her thorough knowledge of IDEA and State law. Yamiley feels privileged to be working with parents and professionals to guarantee that the educational needs of so many children are met.

Yamiley is passionate about helping families understand their due process rights while navigating their journey through the special education process. From pre-school to college entry, Yamiley aids and assists families with questions regarding special education evaluations, eligibility, IEP services and 504 accommodations. She looks forward to lending her  support to special education students and parents.

With over six years of administrative experience, Yamiley’s years of combined expertise in leading pedagogy, frameworks and evidence-based practices that cultivate district and school improvement has made her an expert in school reform. Yamiley provides unique workshops that are specific to the needs of the target audience.

"I am here to provide resources and guidance for the Parents of students during these unusual times."
A.J, Galli

A.J. is a 4th grade teacher at a Title 1 school in a suburb of Chicago and he is no stranger to working with youth. He received his degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University and is certified to teach Kindergarten through 9th grade.

In addition to currently teaching 4th grade, he works as a Theater and Drama coach where he focuses on team building and building relationships.

A.J. Is a Google Certified Educator and provides all of our Google and Technology related trainings. He also provides insight into building relationships with students and student engagement.
With a history building collaborative relationships and working with a high needs population, A.J. is excited to provide specialized training based on your school’s specific needs!

"Anyone who knows Stephanie, knows that she does not stop working to assist students, parents, and schools to do what is needed to provide quality education and ensure that students are continuing to make progress."
MEET Stephanie
Stephanie Lambert

Stephanie Lambert’s passion for special education began from the moment her dear cousin was born. He was born with significant disabilities that set the entire family on a journey to find resources. Stephanie can remember vividly helping to assist with her cousin and watching everyone working together to meet his needs and to help him to progress so he could live “his best life”. At the time, her cousin was given a life expectancy of no more than 10 years. This journey allowed Stephanie to see that there are no limits to what can be done to help another. This was confirmed by her cousin living well into his 30’s.

When Stephanie turned 16 years of age she took a job working in a residential facility for adults that had significant disabilities. This experience finalized the course of her future endeavors and Stephanie pursued and obtained a degree in special education serving from kindergarten to 21 years of age from Illinois State University. Stephanie continued her education and obtained a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction all while teaching in the public school setting and beginning her own family. Stephanie is certified in various subjects within the general education curriculum as well.
Since then, Stephanie has successfully completed an official certification in Applied Behavior Analysis and Child and Adolescent Psychology. Already demonstrating that she considered herself a lifelong learner, Stephanie went back to school and obtained an administrative license and a special education supervisor license.

As a former special education teacher, Stephanie is experienced in the process of recognizing individual strengths and building on those to develop appropriate interventions that will support the needs that are outlined in a student’s Individual Educational Plans (I.E.P.). Stephanie has an incredible knack for developing strong curriculum and using research based strategies to deliver material to meet the needs of all styles of learners. Stephanie has worked in a variety of capacities in her 25 years of experience from kindergarten through being a lead teacher for a GED program. She has attended hundreds of I.E.P. meetings, being an active participant of the team and has been identified in the meeting as a parent, an advocate, a teacher, an administrative representative, and a specialist.

Stephanie prides herself in supporting parents and her students and keeping the student needs in the forefront of every conversation. She develops strong and long lasting relationships with parents, students, and colleagues. Stephanie does not concede to perceived barriers, it is her diligence and dedication that push her to find a solution that supports the student and addresses parental concerns.

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